Bathe your face at night with a cold infusion of fresh cucumbers sliced in milk. A decoction of tansy in buttermilk is still more efficacious. Buttermilk alone is excellent.

Another means of overcoming the effects of sea or wind is to wash the face with the juice of green grapes prepared in the following manner : Wet the grapes and powder lightly with alum; wrap in a white paper and cook under hot ashes. When the grapes become tender they are sufficiently cooked. Remove them from their covering and squeeze into a cup. Wash your face in the liquid three times within twenty-four hours. This remedy is said to be infallible.

Another treatment, practiced in Italy, is to bathe the face with the white of an egg, well beaten. Let it dry on the skin, and rinse it off in soft water after fifteen minutes. This treatment is repeated three or four times, always at night, just before retiring.

Lastly, good results may be had from the use of a mixture of equal parts of glycerine and lemon juice. If glycerine does not agree with the skin, use rose-water.