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Sexuality, Sociology, Dating, you name it. No society can exist without laws, and hence lots of Society Law books can be found here.

-Principles Of Sociology With Educational Applications | by Frederick R. Clow
The efforts of theological seminaries, schools of philanthropy, schools of business, and schools of education to employ sociological theory as an instrument for the analysis of any kind of social situation, or as a master-key to all of their treasure houses, are destined, I still believe, to result in success. Such success awaits standardization, and that - again expressing merely my own opinion - the university professors will yet give us; they - some of them - will come to the aid of the schools that educate social workers and will trim down the far-ramifying sociological theory to the shape of a tool which these workers can be easily trained to use...
-Scepticism And Construction | by Charles A. Campbell
In the case of theory of knowledge, however, the prevailing anarchy makes a condensed treatment more than usually unsatisfactory, and it has only been possible to avoid giving to epistemology what I should regard as a quite undue predominance in the total argument by a largely dogmatic acquiescence in certain traditional presuppositions.« On that account no more can strictly be claimed for this phase of the argument than that, granted the general validity of the Idealist mode of approach to the problem of knowledge, a sceptical solution is logically inevitable.
-Household Companion: The Home Book Of Etiquette
Every one has a smile and a helping hand for the courteous man or woman, while the rude person, even if mistaken through ignorance, offends everybody. Ordinary politeness is so much governed by custom that it is easy for anyone to learn and use in every-day life; and all these rules are given in this book sensibly as practised by the best society. The etiquette of conversation, parties of all kinds, visiting, receiving guests, weddings, funerals, and all private and public occasions, is made clear and easy to follow with confidence. There are also valuable instructions in the art of letter-writing, and what to wear on all occasions.
-The Modern Household | by Marion Talbot and Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge
We hope that the statements and suggestions in the following pages, supplemented with the questions, will lead housewives, either separately or in study classes, and students of social conditions in college and elsewhere, to find ways by which the household of moderate income and with children may realize its possibilities as an organized group of human beings. In these days, the constructive forces necessary for the maintenance of the household must be sought in new garbs, and those forces which seem to be disintegrating must be reinterpreted in order to serve their higher purposes. No attempt has been made to treat the subjects presented in an exhaustive way or to do more than to indicate the wide range of interests which are the field in which the progressive housekeeper may serve and enjoy.
-Married Love: A New Contribution to the Solution of Sex Difficulties | by Marie Stopes
In this little book Dr. Marie Stopes deals with subjects which are generally regarded as too sacred for an entirely frank treatment. Some earnest and delicate minds may feel apprehensive that such frankness in details is "dangerous", because the effect on prurient minds might be to give them food for their morbid fancies. It is just such a fear which has been largely responsible for the silence and mystery which have for so long been wrapped round the sacred rites of mating.
-The Transmission Of Life. Counsels On The Nature And Hygiene Of The Masculine Function
The opportunities afforded by a professional practice in a large city, as well as information derived from many parents and educators, have led the author of this work to believe that a great amount of suffering and crime would be avoided, did young men and those who have the charge of youth more clearly understand the nature and hygiene of the function of their sex. It is in this department of medicine more than in any other that the unscrupulous charlatan finds a congenial field, because here he is favored by the general ignorance and the natural diffidence of his victims. Absurd and exaggerated statements have been forcibly thrust upon the public, not to allay, but to excite groundless fears. These it has been the author's aim to dispel.
-Free Love: Or, A Philosophical Demonstration Of The Non-Exclusive Nature Of Connubial Love | by Austin Kent
We have meant to make the title of our book so plain that no thoroughly conservative mind could mistake - and so waste his money in purchasing it. We have given much of the last twenty years of our life and time to the world, "without money and without price;" and if we should find it necessary, or for any reason think it best to let our little work partly bear the expense of its own publication, we wish no one to be deceived in getting it. We have no thought of any material remuneration for our own labors. Reader, this is very radical; - and we confess to a choice not to be the first to wake any who, with all the influences of the nineteenth century about them, are yet soundly asleep upon the lap of the past. We do not wish such to be too suddenly brought into travailing pains for their own spiritual and mental birth to the future - even though we know these must sooner or later come. Some milder and more gradual dose might be better as a first stimulant. We took our pen mainly for the benefit of reformers, and for those whom nature has given some ability to be such. These are more than welcome - we invite them to read us critically.
-Aphrodisiacs And Anti-Aphrodisiacs | by John Davenport
Three essays on the powers of reproduction; with some account of the judicial congress as practised in France during the seventeenth century.
-Sexology Vol. VIII No. 8 | by Professor Dregs
Knowledge Of Self The Doorway To Health Of Body And Mind
-The Rhythm Of Life | by Charles Brodie Patterson
A fundamental examination of laws relating to rhythmic and vibratory forces that influence the sphere of thought and feeling.
-Reflections On Life | by Alexis Carrel
The great question today is how to improve both the mental and organic state of civilized humanity; that is to say, how to work for the development of beings superior to any who have hitherto inhabited the earth. This enterprise is necessary because our intelligence has not increased at the same rate as the complexity of the problems to be solved. Thus we are on the downward path. Modern society has been preoccupied with material values. It has neglected fundamental human problems which are both material and spiritual. Not only has it not brought us happiness but it has shown itself incapable of preventing our deterioration. The conquest of health is not enough. We must also bring about in every individual the finest development of his hereditary power and of his personality, for the quality of life is more important than life itself.
-Law Books
Books on Law in Society

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