N. Porter.

From Dr. S. Austin Allibone,

Author of the "Dictionary of Authors." Geo. H. Napheys, M. D.-

Dear Sir: I have read through your work on "The Transmission of Life," and think it calculated to be extensively useful. The subjects discussed are of great importance; the literary style is excellent - terse, vigorous, and perspicuous ; the philanthropic zeal evinced is highly creditable to your heart; and the moral and religious spirit of the work is such as to give me a profound respect for the writer. The tendency of the book is good, and good only. It makes vice abhorrent, and virtue cheaply purchased by all the wholesome restraints which it imposes. I am, dear sir, very faithfully yours,

S. Austin Allibone. Philaoblphia, March 10,1871.

From The Rev. Abner Jackson, D.D.,Ll.D.,

President of Trinity College, Hartford, Ct, "I have found your volume both interesting and instructive. It contains a large amount of useful information and suggestion in regard to human welfare and duty. Matters of great delicacy, but of great importance in their bearings on health and happiness, are here treated of in a manner to instruct and guide, without shocking, or giving offence. The wide circulation of this work cannot fail to do good."

From Rev. George W. Samson, D.D.,

President of Columbian College, Washington, D. C. Dr. George H. Napheys-

My Dear Sir: I have read your work, "The Transmission of Life," with care, as has my son, who is a practising physician. I regard it as scholarly in its discussion, chaste in its expression, and unobjectionable in every respect. 1 cannot but commend your worthy effort in this field, where faithful instruction is so needed. I am, truly,

Your friend and serv't,

Geo. W. Samson.

From Rev. Wm. A. Stearns, D. D., Ll. D.,

President of Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.

Dr. George H. Napheys-

My Dear Sir: I have read the advanced sheets of your work entitled "The Transmission of Life." It is a difficult subject, which you have treated with propriety and success. The information which you give is of the greatest importance to the community, and especially to young men; and it is a thousand times better that they receive it from a work like yours, than be left to obtain it from sources of doubtful influence, or from bitter experience.

Very respectfully,

Your ob't serv't,

W. A. Stearns.

From The Rev. Sansom Talbot, D.D.,

President of Denison University, Granville, Ohio. " I have read carefully the advance sheets of 'The Transmission of Life,' and most heartily join in recommending its publication. The candor and learning of the author are very manifest; the information imparted is just that which the public most need, and the moral tone of the work is altogether pure and elevat. ing."

From The Rev. W. T. Stott,

Acting President of Franklin College, Franklin,

Indiana. "Having examined Dr. Napheys' 'Transmission of Life,' I cheerfully recommend it. There is certainly great need of such information on the subjects treated, and I know no author who has succeeded so well in combining information with safe advice."

From The Rev. J. Avery Shepherd, D.D.,

Head Master of St. Clement's Hall, Ellicott City, Md. "1 have examined Dr. Napheys' 'Transmission of Life' with a good deal of care. The subjects treated of are not merely of great interest, they are of vital importance. But the misfortune is that many books, in discussing these things, are calculated to do harm, rather than good. My decided impression is that this work will do good."

From The Rev. Cyrus Nutt, D.D.,

President of Indiana State University. "I know of no work, recently issued from the press, calculated to dp so much good as ' The Transmission of Life.' It contains information of the utmost importance to the individual and the race, and should have a wide circula tion."

From Andrew D. White, Ll.D.,

President of Cornell University. Geo- H. Napheys, M. D.-

Dear Sir : Accept my thanks for the copy of your work, "The Transmission of Life."

Your thoughtful and delicate presentation of the subject seems to me to merit great praise. That your discussion will do much good I firmly believe.

I am, sir, very truly yours,

And. D. White.

President's Rooms, Ithaca, N. Y., April 20, 1871.

From Prof. John S. Hart, Ll.D.,

Trenton. N. J. Geo. H. Napheys, M. D.-

Dear Sir : The examination I have given

"The Transmission of Life" has impressed me with the care and discretion that you have shown in the treatment of a very difficult subject.

I am very truly yours,

John S. Hart.

From Prof. J. Ordronaux, Ll.D., M.D

Professor of Physiology, Pathology, and Medical

Jurisprudence, Columbian College,

Washington, D. C.

"The subject treated of in 'The Transmission of Life' is certainly one of increasing importance at this day, from the popular degradation it has undergone at the hands of unprincipled writers. It was due, therefore, to the cause of science, no less than morality, that some competent and honorable physician should reclaim it from the slough of pollution into which it had been dragged.

"Your work bears the impress of religious and scientific truth."

From Prof. Harvey L. Byrd, M. D.,

Professor of Obstetrics in the Medical Department of Washington University, Baltimore, Maryland. My dear Doctor : You have done your work well. I am one of those who believe the laymembers of every intelligent community should be educated in a general knowledge of the laws of life, not only for the good of the race, but, if you please, for the good of our profession also. Hence I indorse your efforts in this direction. I am, with high esteem,

Very truly yours,

Harvey L. Byrd.

From John H. Griscom, M. D.,

New York City. "I have devoted considerable time to the perusal of ' The Transmission of Life.' Its numerous and important subjects have been nowhere, to my knowledge, as intelligently and effectively treated. The sanitary advice, so well inculcated, should be learned by every individual, especially by parents for the safety of their children."