When the main building of the normal school was burned the resident member of the board of regents was in another part of the state. An acquaintance who had read about the fire in a newspaper accosted him on the train with the remark: "So your normal school has burned."

"You are mistaken," the regent replied. "Perhaps our old building has burned, but that normal school is something which cannot be destroyed by fire." Referring to this reply later he said, "I spoke only the literal truth, because, when I returned home the next day, I found every class meeting on schedule time, using five churches for shelter in place of the old building."

Now what is an institution? It is any manifestly established mode of activity . . . in the life of human society, and as so regarded it must also be supposed to have a distinct personnel or clientage. ... - American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 13, p. 524, A. H. Lloyd.