In attempting to alter people's diet so as to free them from the poisonous xanthins and uric acid, I have met with so much ignorance, and its results prejudice and superstition, that I have been led to write these pages in the hope of making rather clearer the position that diet holds in relation to these matters of strength and nutrition.

And I believe that I speak no more than the truth when I say that once a clear knowledge of the facts is obtained and a workmanlike and useful grasp of the subject is attained, it will be found that in diet lies the key to nine-tenths of the social and political problems that vex our nation and time.

Diet, as at present used, is often the product of a vast amount of ignorance; it is the cause of a hideous waste of time and money; it produces mental and moral obliquities, destroys health and shortens life, and generally quite fails to fulfil its proper purpose.

It is my object in the following pages to show that it may be easily made to fulfil its proper purpose, and that with even a partial removal of the ignorance that surrounds it, the waste of time and money may be prevented, and the dangers to life and health averted.

But after pointing out the possibility I shall leave the facts to speak for themselves, as those will most completely understand them who put them to the test of experience.

7, Brook Street, London, W. August, 1898.