THE ball was put in play at the point X. The offense were in open formation. The ball was snapped to quarterback who, by running back-ward and laterally toward the camera, drew all seven of the primary defense after him. He is now in the act of passing the ball to another back seen in foreground.

To show that the offense are well aware of the danger of the play (note proximity of defense) the player at extreme left is so placed that if the defense intercepted the pass he could tackle the runner.


THE lower picture shows the same play just after the receiver caught the ball, but before he has had time to tuck it safely under his arm.

He has not yet reached the original line of scrimmage (about opposite pail on further side line) but is already menaced by the defensive wingback who has advanced to meet him. Another back is still following a decoy player (on extreme right), who was sent ahead of the play for this purpose.

In the background a thirdback is seen in the act of dodging an offensive interferer. This picture emphasizes the lateral ground covered during the play. Harvard vs. Centre College 1921.