Referee: Has Jurisdiction. A Down.

(a) If a player having the ball is tackled, and the movement of the ball stopped, or if the player cries "down," the referee shall blow his whistle, and the side holding the ball shall put it down for scrimmage.

Referee Has Jurisdiction.

(b) As soon as a runner attempting to go through is tackled and goes down, being held by an opponent, or whenever a runner having the ball in his possession cries "down," or if he goes out of bounds, the referee shall blow his whistle and the ball shall be considered down at that spot.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

No Piling Up On Player

Penalty, 5 yards.

(c) There shall be no piling up on the player after the referee has declared the ball dead.

NOTE - In order to prevent the prevalent stealing of the ball, the referee shall blow his whistle immediately when the forward progress of the ball has been stopped.