To send LH between lg and c, the half-backs stand about three* yards behind the rush line, directly in the rear of the opening between guard and tackle, Fb stands directly behind center, about four yards from line, and the ends play in the line about one and one-half yards from tackles,* or as shown in diagram 5.

Diag 1

Half back between guard and center on his own side.

The instant the ball is snapped, lh, fb, and rh dash forward for the opening between lg and c; lh receives the ball from qb as he passes him on the run and strikes the line at utmost speed between lg and c, with head down as low as the waist, and the ball clasped tightly into his stomach with both arms. At the same instant the ball is snapped, lg lifts his man bach and to the left, c lifts his man bach and to the right to make an opening, while the ends and rt pass through the line at full speed, in the lines indicated, to be ahead of and interfere for lh in case he succeeds in getting through. Fb and rh following directly behind lh at full speed, push him with all their might as he strikes the line. The instant qb has passed the ball he follows behind lh and helps push him.

Note. Many times when the runner is apparently blocked in the line he may be torn loose and carried on for long gains if all plunge and tear and push till the ball is " down." Never let any man cease work until " down " is called.

* The positions of the backs behind the line may vary from 2 to 4 yards, dependent upon the quickness of the men in starting.