To send the full-back between lg and lt, the men stand as before.* All three backs and re dash for the point between lg and lt, the instant the ball is put in play. Lt lifts his man back and to the left, while lg lifts his opponent back and to the right. Lh rushes through the opening ahead and takes the extra man behind the tackle.

Diag 10

Full back between the guard and tackle.

Fb receives the ball at x, on a pass from qb, as he runs, and dashes into the opening, directly behind lh, with his head down and the ball held as before.

Rh, qb, and re follow immediately behind fb, and throw their entire weight in to help him as he strikes the line.

Le takes the first man in the line outside of the tackle, and prevents the opposing end from coming in.

Rt, without holding his man an instant, plays as shown in the preceding dia-gram. +

* See description, diagram 5. + See Note, diagram 9.