To send the le between re and rt, preserve the same positions as in diagram fourteen.

Diag 15

End between the opposite end and tackle.

Re plays as shown in diagram eight.

Rh plays as lh in diagram eleven.

Fb plays as shown in diagram seven.

Qb plays as shown in diagram eight.

Lh proceeds in the line indicated, at utmost speed, takes the first man on the opposing side as he rounds the tackle and continues on down the field to interfere. In case either the opposing lg or Lt breaks-through the line qb must tackle him in order to prevent le from being stopped before he reaches the end.

Lt, leaving the line as shown in diagram thirteen, follows directly behind le to make the play safe and prevent him from being overtaken from behind.

Rt plays as shown in diagram eight.

Le receives the ball at x from qb, and, passing inside the opposing le, turns down the field in the line indicated at utmost speed, passing to the outside of his interferers.*

Note. - The end must be careful to run just far enough behind the line to clear the opposing rushers as they break through.

* See Note, diagram seven.