To send lh between lg and lt, the backs and ends occupy exactly the same position as in play No. 1.

Diag 2

Half back between guard and tackle on his own side.

The instant the ball is put in play, LH, FB, and rh dash forward as before; LH receives the ball at about x on a short pass from qb, and with head down and ball clasped at the stomach with both hands,* dashes into the opening between lt and lg, while FB, rh, and qb follow directly behind and push with all their might as he strikes the line.

Lt lifts his man back and to the left, while lg lifts his man back and to the right the moment the ball is snapped, in order to open the line.

Le, rt, and re also start the instant the ball is put in play; le dashes into the first man behind the opposing line, making sure at the same time that no one reaches LH from outside of lt before he strikes the line, while re and rt take the directions indicated in the diagram, to arrive ahead of and interfere for lh as they go together down the field.

Note. It will the duty of re and rt to block the opposing rh and fb, and each should make for the point in front of lh where he can best interfere with and block his particular man.

* It will be a great advantage upon emerging from the line to shift the ball to one arm, in order to have the other to use in warding off.