To send the rh around the left end on a pass play from le to rh, le draws in slightly from his original position to le2, and as the ball is snapped, dashes for the right end, receiving the ball at x, and carrying it at his right side, passes on close in front of rh, as indicated.


End criss crosses with half back in play around the end.

Rh stands still in his position until le nearly reaches him. On receiving the ball rh dashes in the opposite direction and passes around the left end at utmost speed.

As rh receives the ball, fb, lh, qb, and rg, who have, until this moment, stood in their positions, dart for the left end, in order to precede rh and interfere for him.*

Lt and lg block their men with the greatest energy.

Lh makes directly for and blocks the opposing re.

Fb takes the direction indicated, helping lh block his man, if necessary, and then proceeds on down the field.

Qb plays as shown in the preceding diagram, while rg, breaking away from his man, plays as does lg in diagram twenty-five.

Rt also plays as does lt in diagram twenty-five.

Re follows immediately behind rh to protect him from the rear.

Note. Lh may precede le and take the first man in the line outside of rt, to aid in the deception; in which case fb will take the opposing le, while the others play as before.

♦ See Note, diagram twenty-five.