To send the lh around the re on a pass play from rt, rt leaves the line the instant the ball is snapped, and receiving it at x runs close in front of lh, passes him the ball as he goes by.


Tackle criss crosses with half back in play around the end.

Re jumps in and takes the man left exposed by rt as he leaves the line. Rg holds his man hard.

As lh receives the ball, qb, lg, lt, and le all play exactly as shown in diagram twenty-five.

Rh and fb stand still until the instant that lh receives the ball, and then play as shown in diagram eight.*

Note. To make the deception more complete, rh may start the instant the ball is snapped, and directly precede rt and take the first man he meets on the other side of lt; in that case fb will take the opposing le.

* See Note, diagram twenty-five.