To send the rii around the left end on a pass from lg, lg leaves the line as the ball is snapped, as shown in diagram twenty-one, and passes directly in front of rh, giving him the ball as he rushes by.


Guard criss crosses with half back in play around the end.

As lg leaves the line, lh dashes in and takes the opposing rg, who has been left exposed.

At the moment that rh receives the ball, fb, qb, and rg start for the left end, in the lines indicated, in advance of rh, to interfere for him.

Fb runs directly for the opposing re and bowls him over or forces him in.

Re, rt, rg, qb, and lt play as shown in diagram twenty-six.

Le helps lt block the opposing tackle or takes the inside man in the line.


Half back criss crosses with the end in play around the opposite end.