To send le around the re on a pass from rh, le draws slightly in and back to le2, nearly on a line with the half-backs, before the ball is snapped.

Rh dashes forward as the ball is put in play, receives it at x, and passing close in front of le gives him the ball, and then rushes directly into the opposing le.

Le, having received the ball, starts for the right end in the line indicated, trusting altogether to his speed, as there is no one to protect him from behind.

Re may either jump into the line and help rt block his man, or take the first man that comes through on the right side of the rush line and force him in toward the center.

Rt, rg, lg, lt, and fb play as shown in diagram twenty-five.

It may be necessary for qb to precede rh and take the first extra man in the line on the left end, in order to allow le to get away with the ball without being caught from behind. Otherwise he will play as shown in diagram twenty-five.

In case a man comes through the rush line on the right of c, where qb is playing as shown in the cut, it is his duty to block him.

Note. Fb may precede rh and play as lh in note on diagram twenty-six.