To send lh between lt and LE, the backs and ends occupy the same position as in the preceding plays.

Diag 3

3.* Half back between tackle and end on his own side.

LH, fb, and rh start forward the instant the ball is* snapped, as before, and lh receiving the ball at x on a pass from qb, dashes for the opening just to the left of lt, with his head down.

Fb, and rh and qb follow directly behind, as in the preceding diagram, to throw their whole weight against lh when he strikes the line and push him through, in case he is blocked.

Lt makes a supreme effort to carry his man back and in the right, while le runs directly for the opposing end and endeavors to force him out to the left.

Rt and re, without stopping an instant to block their opponents, pass directly through the line and take the directions indicated in the diagram, to arrive in front of lh + at the left end and interfere for him in case he passes the line successfully.

*This play was made in the early stage of the development of the game, when the runner's ability to dodge was trusted to in order to make the play successful, but is now seldom if ever used. + See Note, diagram 2.