To send re around the left end on a pass from fb, re works slightly in and on a line with rh, at re2, before the ball is snapped, while fb moves a little to the left to FB2.


Full back criss crosses with the end in play around the opposite end.

As the ball is put in play rh and fb dash toward the right, fb receiving the ball on a pass at x.

Rh rushes directly for the opposing i.e, or takes the first extra man in the line, while fb runs close in front of re to whom he gives the ball as he passes.

Upon receiving the ball re instantly starts in the opposite direction and encircles the left end at utmost speed.

Rg and lh precede re and play as shown in diagram twenty-six.

Rt plays as does lt in diagram twenty-five.

Le and lt play as in diagram twenty-eight.

Lg blocks his man hard.

In case anyone succeeds in breaking through the line to the left of center, qb immediately blocks him. He will otherwise play as in diagram twenty-eight.