To send re around the left end on a pass from lt, before the ball is snapped re works in and slightly back to re2.


Tackle criss crosses with the end in play around the opposite end.

As the ball is put in play lt leaves the line as shown in diagram seventeen, receives the ball at x, runs close in front of re, and gives him the ball as he passes. Lt then blocks the opposing le.

Lh precedes lt and plays as does rh in diagram thirty-one.

Fb plays as shown in diagram twenty-eight.

Rg and rt play as shown in diagram twenty-six.

Qb plays as shown in diagram thirty.

Re plays as does le in diagram twenty-nine.*

As lt leaves the line, le jumps in and takes the opposing tackle as in diagram seventeen.

Lg plays as shown in diagram thirty.

Rh starts forward in the line indicated as re receives the ball, and precedes him around the left end, crossing in front of rg as the latter swings in behind the line.

* See Note, diagram twenty-five.