To send RE around the left end on a pass from lg, re tlraws in and slightly back to RE8.


Guard criss crosses with the end in play around the opposite end.

As the ball is snapped lg breaks away from his man as in diagram twenty-one, receives the ball at x, passes close in front of re and rushes directly into the opposing le.

Re remains in his position until lg has almost reached him, receives the ball from lg as he runs by, and plays as in the preceding diagram.

Lh plays as shown in diagram twenty-eight.

Qh, rh, and fb remain standing in their positions until the instant that re receives the ball. They then dash toward the left and precede re at greatest speed to interfere for him.

Fb runs directly for the opposing re. Rh follows Rb and assists him to block the end if necessary or continues on around the end and takes the first free opponent.

Rg leaves the line as lg reaches re, and plays as shown in diagram twenty-six.

All the other men play as shown in diagram thirty-two.