To send rt around the left end on a pass from lt, the instant the ball is snapped lt plays as shown in diagram eighteen and runs directly for rt.

Diag. 34

Tackle criss crosses with tackle in a play around the end.

As lt reaches the line rt jumps suddenly back and receives the ball from lt as he passes, while lt rushes on directly into the arms of the opposing lt.

Re jumps in and helps block the opposing lt or takes the first extra man in the line.

Le blocks the opposing tackle as lt leaves the line.

Lh, fb, and rh stand still until rt receives the ball. Upon receiving the ball rt instantly starts back in the opposite direction, taking the line indicated, and circles the left end with qb, lh, and fb in advance as interferers, and rh to follow and protect him from behind.

Note. Rh may also run in advance of rt to interfere when the opposing le has not come around the end of the line.