To send lh around the right end on a double pass from lg, there is no change in the arrangement.


Double pass from guard to half back in play around the end.

Lg leaves the line the instant the ball is put in play, as shown in diagram twenty-one, receives the ball at x, and takes a direction similar to that shown in diagram twenty-three.

Re, rt, rg, and lt play as shown in diagram eight.

Rh, fb, and lh start for the right the instant the ball is snapped.

Rh runs directly for the opposing le, and disposes of him. Fb assists rh, if necessary, and then proceeds on down the field to interfere.

Lh runs somewhat back from the line taken by fb, and as he nears the end turns back and receives the ball, on a pass of four or five yards, from lg.

Lh then puts on utmost speed as he swings out around the end, while lg continues on, cutting in slightly to interfere.

Le follows directly behind lh, to make the pass safe, and to protect him from behind.