With the preliminary signal to form the wedge, a signal is given to indicate the direction of the play, and the formation as seen in the cut is taken in precisely the same manner as shown in diagram forty-one.


Quarter back around the end from behind the wedge.

The instant the ball is snapped qb passes it straight back to fb, who dashes forward, hands the ball directly back to qb as he passes (being careful not to make a forward pass), and dives into the line between lg and c.

As qb receives the ball he instantly runs out from behind the wedge and makes for the right end at utmost speed in the line indicated.

At the moment the ball is returned to qb, rh, re, and lh dash for the right end, lh crossing behind qb as he comes out from the wedge. Rh runs directly for the opposing le. Re takes the first man on the opposing side after he rounds the tackle, while lh runs on the inside of qb and interferes for him as they go together down the field.

Le follows in the rear of qb to protect him and prevent him from being caught from behind.

Lt holds his man hard, and lg, rg, and rt play as shown in diagram nineteen.