The men are arranged as indicated in the diagram, on either side of the field, the rushers being about two yards apart and the ends about five yards from the side lines. Fb is placed about two yards, and the half-backs about three yards, behind the center line.

Diag. 53

Opening play from the center with team divided.

Qb looks to the one side and then to the other, in order to render the opposing team uncertain whether the ball is to be passed to the right or left, or to fb for a kick down the field. He then puts the ball in play as shown in diagram fifty-one, and makes a long pass to lh, who receives it on the run at x, following it immediately to make the play safe, in case of a wild pass.

The instant the ball is in play every player in the field will dash forward in the lines indicated, except RE, who stands still in his position or drops flat upon the ground close to the side lines, unobserved by his opponents as the other three men dash across the field.

It is of no consequence if only a small advance is made. All depends upon the quickness of the following play for success. Every man upon the team rushes to his position in the line, and without waiting for a signal the ball is immediately snapped and a long pass made by qb straight across the field to re, who catches the ball upon the run and has the entire field before him.

Note. This play is only practical when qb can be relied upon for a long and accurate pass, and when the wind is not unfavorable.