To send the wedge straight down the field from the center, the men form in the positions shown in the cut, as closely and firmly bound together as possible.


* Princeton opening wedge from the center of the field.

At the signal, c puts the ball in play by touching it with his foot, and passes it back to qb, who is immediately behind him, ready to receive it. As the ball is put in play the entire wedge rushes forward in a compact mass, preserving its formation, and endeavors by mere force of weight and momentum to advance the ball as far as possible straight towards the opponent's goal.

Qb upon receiving the ball places it at his stomach, clasps it tightly with both hands and charges forward with head down, while fb throws in his entire weight from behind.

Note. It is a vital point that all the men keep their feet and run in a compact mass, preserving the formation.

* The wedge formation at the center of the field originated at Princeton.