Qb stands with the ball in the center of the field. Fb stands from five to ten yards behind qb and a little to the right. The remainder of the team is divided in two sections.

The Harvard flying wedge.

Section No. 1 is composed of the heaviest men in the line and is drawn up from twenty to thirty yards from the center, back and to the right, facing qb.

Section No. 2 is composed of the lighter and swifter men, drawn up five or ten yards back and to the left of qb.

Section No. 1 has the "right of way," the others regulating their play to its speed.

At a signal from qb, section No. 1 dashes forward at utmost speed passing close in front of qb.

At the same moment fb and section No. 2 advance, timing their speed to No. 1.

Just before the sections reach the line qb puts the ball in play, and as they come together in a flying wedge and aim at the opposing rt, or straight down the field, passes to rh and dashes forward with the wedge.

A slight opening is left in front of qb to draw in the opposing rt. (See small cut.)

As opposing rt dives into the wedge, lh and qb take him. Re and le swing out to the left to block opposing re. At the same moment rh puts on utmost speed and darts through opening between lh and re.

Note. The arrangement of the men is arbitrary. The wedge may be directed against any point desired. Its strength lies in the fact that the men are under full headway before the ball is put in play.