To send rh through the line on a feint to kick, lh and fb drop back. Rh remains in nearly his original position, while fb assumes every appearance of being about to receive and kick the ball. Just before the ball is snapped rh draws in slightly nearer to rh2. Upon receiving the ball qb instantly passes it to rh, who is close to the line and plunges directly through the opening between c and RG with head down, and the ball held as shown in diagram five.


Full back feints a kick and half back darts through the line.

The opposing guards and center are all intent upon breaking through and stopping the kick, and are entirely unprepared for a dash into the line.

As the ball is put in play rg throws his man suddenly and violently to the right, while c throws his man in a similar manner to the left, and rh darts through the opening so made without assistance or interference.

Note. This play is also frequently made between guard and tackle.