This play is a modification of the one shown in diagram sixty-six.


Left end between guard and center from the line wedge.

When the wedge has been sent forward several times in succession for short gains of from two to five yards, and the opposing lg has found the way to dive into it low down between rt and lh, to stop it; at the signal for the play, rg allows his opponent to break through to the right, as the ball is snapped, without resistance, and then forces him further to the right. C blocks his man and forces him hard to the left.

QB then instantly passes the ball to le (instead of fb), who immediately darts through the opening between rg and c, followed by fb and lt.

Qb helps c block his man and force him to the left.

The rest of the wedge plunges in behind rt when the ball is snapped, as before.

See Note on diagram sixty-eight.