To send Lh between rt and re, the men take the same position as in the preceding play.*

Diag 7

Half back between tackle and end on the opposite side.

As before, LH, fb, rh, and le start in the direction indicated at utmost speed the instant the ball is snapped. Re takes his opposing man and forces him out. Rh and fb dash for the opening to the right of rt ahead of lh, take the first men they meet after passing the line, and run in the direction indicated down the field to interfere for LH.

Lh receives the ball on a pass from qb at x, makes for the opening at utmost speed, with head up, and as he turns down the field takes a line a little to the outside of rh and fb to have the benefit of their protecting interference.

Qb should, if possible, seek to arrive at the opening ahead of and interfere for lh.

Le follows lh closely, to prevent him from being caught from behind.

Lt, going through the line as before,* makes for the right side in the line indicated, to block the opposing backs.

Note. Care must be taken by rh and fb that they do not run so far ahead of lh as to diminish the value of their interference. They should precede him from one to three yards.

* See description, diagram 5.