The slice is a very useful shot when one can control it. Unfortunately very few players can control it, although a vast number can produce it - when they do not want to do so.

Vardon is a great believer in playing his drive with a slice. It must not be thought when I say this that he produces what one immediately thinks of when the word slice is mentioned. On certain courses he puts a little slice on the ball. It is not a considerable cut as is the ordinary slice. It is just enough to be noticeable at the end of the ball's carry and it gives him, so he says, greater confidence in getting the ball up and away.

I am not mentioning this with the idea of encouraging those who cannot slice -and there are some - to cultivate the art, nor with the desire of solacing those who have the vice. The slice is a well known stroke in golf and therefore we must give it our consideration. Also if we see clearly how it is produced, it may assist some who have