Rule 25 - Conditions Of Play In Hazards

When a ball lies in or touches a hazard, nothing shall he done which can in any way improve its lie; the club shall not touch the ground, nor shall anything be touched or moved, before the player strikes at the ball, subject to the following exceptions: (I) The player may place his feet firmly on the ground for the purpose of taking his stance; (2) in addressing the ball, or in the backward or forward swing, any grass, bent, bush, or other growing substance, or the side of a bunker, wall, paling, or other immovable obstacle may be touched; (3) steps or planks placed in a hazard by the Green Committee for access to or egress from such hazard may be removed, and, if a ball be moved in so doing, it shall be replaced without penalty; (4) any loose impediment may be lifted from the putting-green; (5) the player shall be entitled to find his ball as provided for by Rule 22.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.

Rule 26 - Ball Moving In Water

When a ball is in water a player may, without penalty, strike at it while it is moving, but he must not delay to make his stroke in order to allow the wind or current to better the position of the ball, under penalty of the loss of the hole.

Rule 27 - Ball In Water Hazard

I. If a ball lie or be lost in a recognized water hazard (whether the ball lie in water or not) or

In Casual Water in a Hazard the player may drop a ball under penalty of one stroke either (a) behind the hazard,

Rules Of Golf keeping the spot at which the ball crossed the margin of the hazard between himself and the hole, or (b) in the hazard, keeping the spot at which the ball entered the water between himself and the hole.

Ball in Casual Water Through the Green

2. If a ball lie or be lost in casual water through the green, the player may drop a ball, without penalty, within two club lengths of the margin, as near as possible to the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer to the hole.

If a ball when dropped roll into the water, it may be redropped without penalty.

Ball in Casual Water on the Putting - Green

3. If a ball on the putting-green lie in casual water, or if casual water intervene between a ball lying on the putting-green and the hole, the ball may - be played where it lies, or it may be lifted without penalty and placed by hand, either within two club lengths directly behind the spot from which the ball was lifted, or in the nearest position to that spot which is not nearer to the hole and which affords a putt to the hole without casual water intervening.

Water Interfering with Stance

4. A ball lying so near to casual water that the water interferes with the player's stance may be treated as if it lay in casual water, under the preceding Sections of this Rule.

Want of Space to Drop

5. If it be impossible from want of space in which to play, or from any other cause, for a player to drop a ball in conformity with Sections I and 2 of this Rule, or to place it in conformity with Section 3, he shall "drop" or "place" as nearly as possible within the limits laid down in these sections, but not nearer to the hole.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.