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Sport Books

Sport is best done in person and not read about. Though some books can teach you how to do it better.

Part I: Golf

-Golf Books
A collection of books on the game of golf. Learn how to start and become a golf pro.

Part II: Football

-American Football | by Walter Camp
The progress of the sport of football in this country, and a corresponding growth of inquiry as to the methods adopted by experienced teams, have prompted the publication of this book. Should any of the suggestions herein contained conduce to the further popularity of the game, the object of the writer will be attained.
-Football: How To Watch It | by Percy D. Haughton
The reader who wants to know how to listen to music or what to observe in a picture gallery may readily find all this information conveniently gathered in book form. Accordingly, it is fitting that to this informative library there should be added a book of football for the spectator. I maintain that football is an art as well as a sport. Percy Haughton belongs without doubt among the old masters. Of course, his position is complicated a little by the fact that he is also in the ranks of the moderns.
-Football For Player And Spectator | by Fielding H. Yost
Between the covers of "Football for Player and Spectator" the author has endeavored to gather from his experience as a player and a coach the advice which is best suited to the needs of the young men in high schools, preparatory schools and colleges who desire to participate in the greatest of all the competitive athletic sports.
-Football For Public And Player | by Herbert Reed
Twenty years of football, as player - in an humble-capacity, albeit begun under the best of coaching - spectator on the side line or in the stand, and as a sporting writer, have taught me that of all those who are bound up in the most fascinating of school and college games, the spectators form the class that has suffered the most serious neglect. Football coaches are usually secretive persons, and they have succeeded in bewildering the man in the stand even when failing to outwit the man on the field. It is the spectator who needs the coaching nowadays, and it is in the hope of clearing away for his benefit and that of the uncoached schoolboy much of the mystery that has been deftly thrown around the game by those in close touch with the great football universities that this book is offered to a sometimes puzzled football public...
-A Scientific And Practical Treatise On American Footbal For Schools And Colleges | by A. Alonzo Stagg, Henry L. Williams
The game of football is fast becoming the national fall sport of the American youth. Among the larger eastern colleges, where it has been fostered and developed, football has now been raised to a definite science, but in the west the game is, as yet, comparatively in its infancy...

Part III: Kite-Flying

-Kitecraft And Kite Tournaments | by Charles M. Miller
Perhaps the one word that best expresses the trend of education at the present time is the word life-likeness. The trend is toward more and more life-likeness in organization and methods. The effort toward diversification which has resulted in putting manual training into courses of study, in multiplying courses in high schools, in providing ungraded and other special rooms in elementary schools, in breaking grades up into groups for teaching and promotions, in keeping playgrounds and shops open afternoons and Saturdays, in opening the school buildings evenings for social centers or socialized evening schools, - which has resulted in all these changes and others that might be mentioned, - is simply an effort to make the schools like life...
-The Construction And Flying Of Kites | by Charles M. Miller
Manual training teachers generally believe that good school instruction in the manual arts stimulates in the pupils the desire to do construction work out of school, but very few teachers have attempted to direct and develop such outside work. They have often encouraged pupils to bring home projects into the school, but they have seldom differentiated between problems especially adapted to school work and those which are preeminently home problems. Yet such a differentiation is practicable and it suggests a broadening of the teacher's influence and the enrichment of the handwork of the pupils.

Part IV: Other

-Diet And Food Considered In Relation To Strength And Power Of Endurance, Training And Athletics | by Alexander Haig
In attempting to alter people's diet so as to free them from the poisonous xanthins and uric acid, I have met with so much ignorance, and its results prejudice and superstition, that I have been led to write these pages in the hope of making rather clearer the position that diet holds in relation to these matters of strength and nutrition. And I believe that I speak no more than the truth when I say that once a clear knowledge of the facts is obtained and a workmanlike and useful grasp of the subject is attained, it will be found that in diet lies the key to nine-tenths of the social and political problems that vex our nation and time.
-Athletics And Football | by Montague Shearman
There is no modern encyclopaedia to which the inexperienced man, who seeks guidance in the practice of the various British Sports and Pastimes, can turn for information. Some books there are on Hunting, some on Racing, some on Lawn Tennis, some on Fishing, and so on; but one Library, or succession of volumes, which treats of the Sports and Pastimes indulged in by Englishmen - and women - is wanting. The Badminton Library is offered to supply the want. Of the imperfections which must be found in the execution of such a design we are conscious...
-The Book Of Athletics And Out-Of-Door Sports | by Norman W. Bingham, Jr.
Containing practical advice and suggestions from college team-captain's and other amateurs, on football, base-ball, tennis, rowing, golf, sprinting, bicycling, swimming, skating, yachting, etc.
-The Out Of Door Library: Athletic Sports | by D. A. Sargent
The Physical Proportions Of The Typical Man - Physical Characteristics Of The Athlete - Golf - Lawn Tennis - Bicycling: Wheel Of To-Day, Woman & The Bicycle, A Doctor'S View Of Bicycling - Surf & Surf-Bathing - Country Clubs & Hunt Clubs In America

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