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Terms of Use and Copyright

Books on this site come from two sources:

  • Books published before 1921 and therefore are no longer under the original copyright. (and some published after 1921 but falling into the same category).
  • Books published after 1921 and we have licensed those books by the copyright owner (usually either a publisher or the author).

In either case the derivative materials appearing on this site are © Copyrighted by, unless specified otherwise. The derivative materials are the result of time and money invested in scanning, optical character recognition, manual proofreading, processing, and arranging the resulting text, photographs and illustrations for your best reading pleasure.

Photograph/illustration usage permissions: If you need to use a photograph/illustration from this site on your website or any other media you have our permission to use it as long as you provide an attribution link to on the same webpage (or printed page) where the image was used.

For example:

Image ©2007

If you have further questions, please contact us at at

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