This New Edition of the Variorum Teacher's Bible is not merely a Reference Bible with the Teacher's Aids appended, but, in addition, it contains, on the same page as the Text, in footnotes, a complete digest of the chief Various Renderings and Readings of the original text from the very best authorities. The sources from which the Annotations are taken comprise, in the OLD TESTAMENT,

90 Commentators, 14 Versions, including the Revised Version, and

R. V. Marginal Readings.


78 Commentators, 6 Ancient Versions,

23 Ancient Manuscripts,

11 Critical Editions of the Text, and Revised Version and Marginal Readings.

The Variorum Notes collated from such sources, together with the "New Aids to Bible Students," give to the Student of Scripture an amount of information which could only be obtained by the possession of a very costly library. Thus within the compass of a Portable Volume is comprised the quintessence of Biblical Scholarship in the most convenient form.

Prices from 18s. 9d. If with Apocrypha, 4s. 6d. extra.

The Late ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN (Dr. TRENCH). - "Marvellously full of interesting and accurate information."

The Bishop Of Gloucester

"A very valuable work."

The Late BISHOP OF MANCHESTER (Dr. FRASER). - "An admirably arranged and most useful book."

The BISHOP OF WAKEFIELD (Dr. WALSHAM HOW) writes : - "I consider it a most valuable work. Believing that the Bible is its own best interpreter, I am sure that the aids to an intelligent understanding 0/'the text itself, together with the assistance given to students who desire to have an accurate conception 0/ the purest form of that text, will prove of inestimable service to all Bible readers."

The Late Dean Church

"A wonderful digest of learning. The names of the various scholars are, of course, a warrant of care and accuracy, and certainly nothing so complete and comprehensive, in such a compass, has ever before been attempted."