There is not a theme in history, poetry, science, romance, or philosophy that it has not touched upon, illumined, and embellished. Next to the literature of Greece, it is at once the most voluminous and luminous the world has ever known, and all the forms in which reflection, reason, and imagination have attempted to reveal themselves have found expression in its works of genius. However great the debt which mankind owes the English-speaking race for fostering and developing political liberty, far greater is its claim to human gratitude for opening the entire field of reason to investigation, and leveling every barrier to debate. The highest glory of the Anglo-Saxon comes from the fact that he has made himself the champion of intellectual freedom, and has, for centuries, asserted and maintained man's privilege to speak and write his thought.

Memorial To Dryden

Memorial To Dryden.

Grave Of Bulwer Lytton

Grave Of Bulwer Lytton.

Where Tennyson Lies Buried

Where Tennyson Lies Buried.

England's guardsmen

England's guardsmen.