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Athens | John Stoddard's Lectures

Athens. Illustrated and embellished with views of the world's famous places and people, being the identical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under the title of the Stoddard lectures.

TitleAthens - John L. Stoddard's Lectures
AuthorJohn L. Stoddard
PublisherNorwood Press
Copyright1901, John L. Stoddard
AmazonJohn L. Stoddard's Lectures 13 Volume Set
A Nation's influence is not dependent on its size. Its glory is not measured by square miles. Greece is the smallest of all European countries, being not larger than the State of Massachusetts. Yet...
-Athens. Part 2
Through Grecian Waters. But the Piraeus, after all, is merely a doorway to glories beyond. Hence one quickly leaves the steamer here, and hastens to the capital itself, six miles away. A train of ...
-Athens. Part 3
The Summit Of The Acropolis. When I passed on beyond the Propylaea, and gained a broader view of the Acropolis, I looked around me with astonishment. The whole plateau is literally covered with he...
-Athens. Part 4
Fragments. Some Of The Spoils. One of the most beautiful of the ruined shrines of the Acropolis is the Temple of Wingless Victory; so-called because the statue of the goddess was represented...
-Athens. Part 5
The Odeon. Interior Of The Odeon. Sophocles. The Theatre Of Bacchus. Truly, as Byron says, in Athens Where'er we tread 'tis haunted holy ground, No earth of thine is lost in vulgar mo...
-Athens. Part 6
Temple Of Olympian Jove. The Arch Of Hadrian. A flight of rough-hewn steps leads to the summit, where the judges sat. They are the ancient steps. By them St. Paul ascended to address the Athen...
-Athens. Part 7
A Relic Of The Athenian Forum. When in 1824 Lord Byron died upon Greek soil, striving to free the Hellenic nation from the Turkish yoke, the Athenians wished his body to be buried in this temple. ...
-Athens. Part 8
One of the finest private residences in Athens is the home of the late Doctor Schliemann, the world-renowned explorer of the plain of Troy and other sites of Greek antiquity. It is constructed of pure...
-Athens. Part 9
The Stadium. It is hard to single out for special notice any one individual among these heroes; but no American gained more popularity on the historic race-course, than the man who for swift runni...
-Athens. Part 10
The pleasantest route in taking leave of the Hellenic kingdom is to embark upon a steamer and sail through the Grecian Archipelago. It is the same route taken by the old Greek colonists when they went...

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