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Holland | John Stoddard's Lectures

Holland. Illustrated and embellished with views of the world's famous places and people, being the identical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under the title of the Stoddard lectures.

TitleHolland - John L. Stoddard's Lectures
AuthorJohn L. Stoddard
PublisherNorwood Press
Copyright1901, John L. Stoddard
AmazonJohn L. Stoddard's Lectures 13 Volume Set
I Shall never forget my first experience in Holland. How eagerly and laughingly we gazed about us at our new surroundings. Was it, then, possible that land could be as flat as this? At times, I fanc...
-Holland. Part 2
A Dutch Waterway. Holland Women. A Bit Of Holland. The climax of Dutch ingenuity has been reached, however, in compelling the ocean - their natural enemy, which threatens constantly to overwh...
-Holland. Part 3
For, strange as it may seem, with a situation where land and ocean struggle for supremacy, Rotterdam, as well as almost all the other Dutch cities, is in the condition of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, ...
-Holland. Part 4
A Characteristic Scene, Rotterdam. A Commercial Centre. Panorama Of Amsterdam. The contrast between the cities is, perhaps, best shown by the conveyances peculiar to each place. In Venice the...
-Holland. Part 5
Dog Days. Going To Market. Heavily Loaded. A Holland Headdress. A saint! I answered, not at all, he was only an American. The little houses in the vicinity of Amsterdam are thoroughly...
-Holland. Part 6
A Liquid Avenue. The Palace Of Justice, The Hague. As a rule, the architecture of the Hague is not only solid and substantial, but handsome; not with the showy finery of Paris or Vienna, but rat...
-Holland. Part 7
The Royal Villa. The history of Holland is a record of the unexpected. One would suppose that this flat country - formed principally of the mud deposited by the Rhine, the Meuse, and the Schelde - ...
-Holland. Part 8
The Sunday costume of the Scheveningen men consists of high-buttoned jackets, baggy trousers, and long stockings. That of the women is still more peculiar. They wear a kind of nightcap, with embroide...
-Holland. Part 9
On The Sands. Utilizing The Wind. The River Amstel. Holland Below The Ocean Level. To me, however, it resembles rather a beleaguered fortress, before whose gates a tireless foe is consta...

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