Acerra (A-ser'ra), a city of southern Italy, 9 miles NE. of Naples by rail. Pop. 14,121.


Achaia, a small Greek district lying along the north coast of the Peloponnesus.


Achalganj, a town of India, in the south part of Oude, near the Ganges. Pop. 5000.


Acheen. See Atcheen.


Achelo'us, now called Aspropot'amo, the largest river in Northern Greece, rises in Mount Pindus, flows south and south-west, and falls into the Ionian Sea opposite Cephalonia.


Achill (Ahh'ill), 'Eagle' Isle, off the west coast of Ireland, belonging to County Mayo, is 15 miles long by 12 miles broad, and has a very irregular coast-line. It is wild and boggy, not 500 of its 51,521 acres being cultivated. There are three villages, and a number of hovels scattered over its barren moors, sometimes in small clusters, forming hamlets, but so wretched as hardly to be fit for beasts. Achill rises towards the north and west coast, where one of the mountains, Achill Head, composed, like the rest of the island, wholly of mica-slate, presents towards the sea a sheer precipice, 2192 feet high. Pop. now below 4500. '

Aci Reale

Aci Reale (A -see Re-a'le), 'a town of Sicily, 50 miles SW. of Messina by rail. Lying at the foot of Mount Etna, where the small river Aci enters the sea, it is famed for its mineral waters, and for the cave of Polyphemus and the grotto of Galatea in its vicinity. Pop. 26,431.


Aconcagua, the highest peak of the Andes (q.v.), rising to a height of 22,867 feet, according to Gussfeldt's measurements in 1883. The mountain, which is an extinct volcano (though this has been disputed), is 100 miles ENE. of Valparaiso, on the frontier of Chili and the Argentine Republic.


Acquaviva, a town of South Italy, at the foot of the Apennines, 28 miles SSE. of Bari by rail. Pop. 9986.


Acqul (Lat. Aquce StatiellAe), a town of Northern Italy, 21 miles SSW. of Alessandria by rail. It derives its name from its hot sulphur springs, and contains an old castle, a Gothic cathedral (12th century), and remains of a Roman aqueduct. Pop. 9411.


Acri, a town of South Italy, 13 miles NE. of Cosenza. Pop. 3944.


Acroceraunia. See Albania.


Acton, a town of Middlesex, 4 miles W. of Hyde Park. Pop. (1901) 37,744.

Acton Burnell

Acton Burnell, a Shropshire parish, 8 miles SSE. of Shrewsbury, at whose ruined castle was passed in 1283 the 'statute of Merchants.'


Ada, a town of Northern Hungary, on the river Theiss, an important station for steamers. Pop. 9993.

Adal is the name of the flat and barren country lying between the Abyssinian plateaux and the Red Sea, from Massowa to the Bay of Tajurra, its greatest width being 300 miles.


Adalia (anc. Attalia), a seaport on the S. coast of Asia Minor, on the Gulf of Adalia. Pop. 30,000.


Adamawa, an African state or territory between the Cameroons and Lake Chad, most of which (excluding Yola) by Anglo-German agreement lies within the German sphere-Yola being in Nigeria. In the S. are mountains, amid which rise numerous streams, the most important being the Benue (q.v.), which waters the entire province. The people, who profess Mohammedanism, are active, industrious, and intelligent. The chief town is Yola (15,000 inhabitants).