Agar, a town of India, in the state of Gwalior, 41 miles NE. of Ujain. It stands in an open plain, 1598 feet above the sea. Pop. 30,000.


Agde (anc. Agatha Narbonensis), a town in the French dep. of Herault, 3 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, on the left bank of a navigable stream, the mouth of which forms a harbour. Pop. 7705.


Agen (A-zhong), chief town of the French dep. of Lot-et-Garonne, on the right bank of the Garonne, 84 miles SE. of Bordeaux. It carries on an active trade in woollen and linen fabrics, leather, coloured paper, colours, cordage, and sailcloth; and is an important railway centre. Joseph Scaliger and the barber-poet Jasmin were natives. Pop. 18,500.


Aghrim, or Aughrim (Auhh'rim), a hill in Galway, Ireland, 30 miles SW. of Athlone. Here, on 12th July 1691, Ginckell defeated the French and Irish adherents of James II. under St Ruth.


Agincourt (A'zhangkoor), now Azincourt, a small village in the centre of the French dep. of Pas-de-Calais, celebrated for Henry V.'s great victory over the French, October 25, 1415.


Agnano, till 1870 a small lake 3 miles west of Naples, about 60 feet in depth, and without visible outlet. As it caused malaria, it has been drained. On the right lies the Grotta del Cane (q.v.), and on the left are the sulphurous vapour-baths of San Germano.


Agno'ne, a town of South Italy, 22 miles NW. of Campobasso, noted for its copper and steel manufactures. Pop. 6179.


Agram (Croatian Zagreb), capital of the Austrian province of Croatia and Slavonia, lies at the foot of a richly wooded range of mountains, 2 miles from the Save, and 142 NE. of Fiume by rail. The cathedral, dating partly from the 11th century, with new towers and an ornate western facade added in 1890-93, is one of the finest Gothic buildings in Austria. The manufactures include tobacco, leather, and linen. An earthquake in November 1880 destroyed most of the public buildings, and overthrew 200 houses. Agram possesses a university founded in 1874, with 40 lecturers and 400 students. Pop. (1890) 87,529; (1900) 57,800.


Agrigentum. See Girgenti.


Agtelek, a Hungarian village to the NE. of Pesth, near one of the largest and most remarkable series of stalactitic caverns in Europe, some of them nearly 100 feet high.

Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes, a town of Mexico, capital of a central state, with an area of 2900 sq. m., stands on a plain 6000 feet above sea-level, 270 miles NW. of the city of Mexico by rail. The environs abound in hot springs, hence the name. Pop. 32,500.

Aguilar de la Frontera

Aguilar de la Fronte'ra, a Spanish town of Andalusia, 26 miles SSE. of Cordova. Pop. 12,398.


Aguilas, a fortified port in the Spanish province of Murcia, with large smelting-houses, and an export trade in lead, iron ore, sulphur, esparto, and figs. Pop. 12,500.


Agul'has, Cape, the most southern point of Africa, lies about 100 miles ESE. of the Cape of Good Hope, in lat. 34° 49' S., long. 20° 0' 40" E. In 1849, a lighthouse was erected on the point, which is very dangerous for ships. The Agulhas Bank, about 40 miles broad, extends along the whole southern coast of Africa, from near Natal to Saldanha Bay.