Ajaigarh, a hill-fort of India, in the United Provinces, about 130 miles WSW. of Allahabad. Within its walls are two great masses of ruined Jain temples.


Ajalon, the modern Yalo, a town of the Levites belonging to the tribe of Dan in ancient Palestine. In a valley near it Joshua defeated five Canaanitish kings, the sun and moon standing still in order to make his victory more complete.


Ajmere (Ajmir), an ancient city of Rajputana, the capital of a district, 228 miles W. by S. of Agra by rail. It is situated in a picturesque and rocky valley, and is surrounded by a stone wall with five gateways. The Dargah or tomb of the Mussulman saint, Kwaja, within the town, is held in great veneration. Trade has revived since the opening of the railway (1875), the principal export being cotton. Pop. 75,500.


Ajodhya, an ancient city of Oudh, on the right bank of the Gogra, adjacent to Fyzabad (q.v.). Its site is marked by heaps of ruins, overgrown with jungle; there is also a modern town of the same name with 7500 inhabitants, nearly 100 temples, 36 mosques, and a fair which yearly attracts half a million of pilgrims.


Ak'abah (the Biblical Elath), a haven at the head of the Gulf of Akabah, the north-eastern horn of the Red Sea.


Akerman. See Akjerman.


Akhalzikh, a town of Russian Transcaucasia, 110 miles W. of Tiflis, on an aflluent of the Kur; pop. 13,757.


Ak-Hissar (anc. Thyatira), a town of Asia Minor, 52 miles NE. of Smyrna; pop. 12,000.


Akhlat, or Ardish, a town of Asiatic Turkey, on the NW. shore of Lake Van; pop. 4000.


Akhtyika, a town of Russia, 58 miles NW. of Kharkolf, on a small affluent of the Dnieper; pop. 23,400.


Akita, a town in Hondo Island, Japan; pop. 29,500.


Akjerman (Ak-yer-man), or Akerman, a town of Russia, in Bessarabia, on the Black Sea, at the mouth of the Dniester; pop. 2S,300.


Akmolllnsk, capital of a province of Western Siberia, 300 miles SW. of Omsk; pop. 5700.


Akola, a town of Berar, India, CO miles SW. of Ellichpur; pop. 29,300.


Akot, a town of Berar, 35 miles SW. of Ellichpnr; pop. 16,000.


Akron, in Summit county, Ohio, U.S., is 36 miles south of Cleveland. It has woollen factories, flour-mills, a steam-engine factory, a stove factory, a mineral-paint mill, etc. Pop. (1870) 10,006; (1S90) 21,601; (1900) 42,730.


Ak-shehr (' White City'), a city of Asia Minor, near the salt lake of Ak-shehr, and 60 miles SE. of Konieh; pop. 6000.


Ak-su, a town of Chinese Turkestan, 260 miles NE. from Yarkand, on an affluent of the Tarim, and at the southern base of the Thian-shan Mountains. It was formerly the capital of a separate khanate; in 1867 it became a part of the state of Eastern Turkestan, under Yakoob Beg, but was reconquered by China in 1877. It is celebrated for its manufactures of cotton cloth and saddlery, and is an entrepot of commerce between Russia, Tartary, and China. Pop. 20,000, besides a large Chinese garrison.