Andkhui, capital of a khanate in Afghan Turkestan, between the northern spurs of the Paropamisus and the Amu-Daria (Oxus).


Andorra, a valley republic of the Eastern Pyrenees, between the French dep. of Ariege and the Spanish province of Lerida, part of Catalonia. It is enclosed by mountains, through which its river, the Balira, breaks to join the Segre at Urgel. Area, 171 sq. m.; pop. 5831. Said to have been declared a free state by Charlemagne, Andorra now stands under the common protectorate of France and the Catalonian Bishop of Urgel. The republic is governed by a sovereign council of twenty-four members, chosen by certain heads of houses, and the council elects a president for four years. The Andorrans are good-natured, hard-working mountaineers, hospitable, moral, and devoted to liberty. They speak a dialect of Catalonian. The capital is Andorra la Vieja (pop. 600); San Julian (500) and Canillo (500) are the other towns. See works by Berthet (Paris, 1879) and Deverell (Loud. 1884).


An'dover (Andeafaran, 'passage of the river Ande'), a municipal borough and market-town of Hampshire, 66 miles SW. of London. Chartered by Henry I., Richard I., and John, Andover till 1867 returned two members, till 1885, one. The chief trade consists in corn and malt; at Wey-hill, 3 miles west, an October fair is held, formerly very important. Pop. 6000.


Andover, a village of Essex county, Massachusetts, 23 miles N. of Boston, with about 7000 inhabitants. Settled in 1643 from its English namesake, it is famous, even in Massachusetts, for its educational institutions, especially the Phillips Academy and the Congregational Theological Seminary.


Andria, a city of South Italy, 30 miles W. of Bari, with a fine cathedral (1046); pop. 46,795.


Andros, (1) an island of the Greek Archipelago, the most northern of the Cyclades, separated from Euboea by a channel 6 miles broad. It is 25 miles long, 10 miles broad, and 156 sq. m. in area. Pop. 20,562, of whom 1800 are in the chief town, Andros, on a bay of the east coast. - (2) One of the Bahamas (q.v.).


Andujar, a town of Spain, on the Guadalquivir, at the base of the Sierra Morena, 48 miles ENE. of Cordova by rail; pop. 15,116.


Anega'da, a British coral island, the most northerly of the Virgin Islands, lying east of Porto Rico, in the West Indies. Area, 13 sq. m.; pop. 200.


Angara, a tributary of the Yenisei (q. v.).


Angeln, a district of Sleswick, between the Bay of Flensburg and the Schlei, supposed to be the home from which came the Angles who invaded England in the 5th century.


Angermanland, a former division of Sweden, now chiefly comprised in the government of Westernorrland, extends along the Gulf of Bothnia, and is watered by the river Angerman, 200 miles long. The chief town is Hernosand, with a pop. of 6000.


Angermunde, a town of Prussia, on Lake Munde, 43 miles NE. of Berlin by rail; pop. 7833.