Anguilla, or Little Snake, an English West India Island, one of the Lesser Antilles, 160 miles E. of the eastern extremity of Porto Rico. Area, 35 sq. m.; pop. 4500.


Angus. See Forfarshire.


Anhalt, a duchy of the German empire, almost surrounded by the Prussian province of Saxony, which breaks it up into two principal and five smaller portions. Area, 869 sq. m.; pop. (1875) 213,689; (1900) 316,085, nearly all Protestants. Dessau, Zerbst, Bernburg, Kothen, and Ballen-stedt are the principal towns. The eastern part is level and fertile; the western part, approaching the Harz Mountains, is hilly and largely covered with wood, and possesses mineral wealth, especially in lead and silver. Anhalt began to be an independent principality in the first half of the 13th century. It was divided into three duchies in the beginning of the 17th century, but in 1863 the whole territory was reunited into one duchy. Ani, a ruined city of Turkish Armenia, 25 miles SE. of Kars.


Anio, the ancient name of the Teverone, a tributary of the Tiber, which rises in Monte Cantaro, and joins the larger river 3 miles above Rome. Its beautiful cascade at Tivoli (the ancient Tibur) is celebrated by the classical poets.


Anjou (Ongzhoo), a former province in the NW. of France, of about 3500 sq. m. in extent, now forming the dep. of Maine-et-Loire, and small parts of the deps. of Indre-et-Loire, Mayenne, and Sarthe. It lies on both sides of the lower course of the Loire, where it receives the Maine. Its capital was Angers.


Anklam, a town in the Prussian province of Pomerania, on the navigable Peene, 4 miles from its mouth in the Kleines Haff, and 41 SE. of Stralsund by rail. Long a place of commercial importance, a member of the Hanseatic League from the 14th to the 16th century, it manufactures iron, sugar, and soap. Pop. 14,784.


Anko'bar, the capital of the kingdom of Shoa, in Abyssinia, is built 8200 feet above sea-level. Pop. 6000 - 15,000.


Annaberg, a mining town of Saxony, on the Erzgebirge range, 34 miles S. of Chemnitz by rail. Pop. 16,822.


Annabon. See Annobon.


Annagh, an island of County Mayo, in Achill Sound.


Annamaboe, a seaport on the Gold Coast of Africa, 10 miles E. of Cape Coast Castle. Pop. 5000.


Annan, a seaport of Dumfriesshire, on the river Annan, near its entrance into the Solway Firth, 18 miles ESB. of Dumfries by rail. Edward Irving was a native (marble statue, 1892); and Carlyle, as a schoolboy, led 'a doleful and hateful life' at the academy. A royal burgh, Annan unites with Dumfries, etc. to return one member. Pop. 5805.


Annandale, a district of Dumfriesshire, traversed by the river Annan, which, rising near headstreams of the Tweed and Clyde, flows 49 miles southward to the Solway Firth, at a point 1 3/4 mile below Annan town. Near its source is a singular hollow called the Marquis of Annan-dale's (or Devil's) Beef-tub.