Arbuthnott, a Kincardineshire parish, 2 1/2 miles WNW. of Bervie. Dr Arbuthnott was a native.


Arcachon (Ar'ca-shong), a bathing-place dating from 1854, in the French dep. of Gironde, 34 miles SW. of Bordeaux by rail. The fine broad sands are admirably adapted for bathing; and the place is sheltered by sand-hills, covered with extensive pine-woods. The climate is always temperate, and the rainfall is but 32 inches. Scientific oyster-culture is practised here on a large scale. Pop. 10,300.


Arcadia, the central, mountainous part of the Peloponnesus (or Morea) in Greece, treated in poetry as the home of primitive simplicity, peace, and innocence.


Archaig, a loch of Lochaber, Inverness-shire, 10 miles N. of Fort William. It is 12 miles long, and sends off the Archaig River 1 1/4 mile to Loch Lochy.


Arcis-sur-Aube (Ar'see-sur-Oab), a town of 2841 inhabitants, in the French dep. of Aube, on the navigable Aube, 22 miles N. of Troyes by rail. It was the birthplace of Danton, and near it the allies defeated Napoleon, March 20-21, 1814.


Ar'cole, a village on the left bank of the Adige, in Northern Italy, 15 miles ESE. of Verona. Here Napoleon defeated the Austrians, 15-17th November 1796.

Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la Fronte'ra, a town on the Guada-lete, in the Spanish province of Cadiz, 20 miles ENE. of Xeres. It was so called from its standing on the frontiers of the old Moorish kingdom of Granada. Pop. 16,910.


Arcot (Aru-Kadu, 'six deserts'), a city of British India, in the presidency of Madras, on the Palar, 5 miles from Arcot railway station, and 65 WSW. of Madras. In 1751 Clive captured Arcot; and having taken it, was in turn besieged for seven weeks. Pop. 12,000.


Ardahan, a village of about 300 houses in the portion of Turkish Armenia ceded in 1878 to Russia, 35 miles NW. of Kars.


Ardalan, a province in the west of Persia, embracing the basin of the Shirwan Rud. Area, 6000 sq. m.; pop. 150,000. Capital, Kermanshah(q.v.).


Ardchattan, an Argyllshire parish on Loch Etive, with a ruined priory (1231).


Ardebil, a town of Persia, 110 miles E. of Tabriz; pop. 16,000.


Arddche, a mountainous dep. in the south of France, takes its name from a tributary of the Rhone, and includes part of ancient Languedoc. In the NW. of the dep., the Cevennes culminate in the volcanic Mont-Mezene (5752 feet). Iron, coal, antimony, lead, marble, and gypsum are wrought. Area, 2136 sq. m.; pop. 350,000. The capital is Prints.


Ardee', a town in the west of County Louth, . Ireland, on the river Dee, 12 miles inland. The ancient castle, built about the year 1200, is used as the town-house; and there is a handsome convent. Pop. 1880.


Ardennes, an extensive hill-country and forest, occupying the SE. corner of Belgium, between the Moselle and the Meuse, but extending also into France and Rhenish Prussia. The average height of the hills is less than 1600 feet; but in the east they attain 2100. The Arduenna Silva of the Romans extended over a still wider area. See a work by Lindley (1887). - Shakespeare's Forest of Arden is a district in Warwickshire, extending from the Avon to near Birmingham.


Ardennes, a French dep. bordering on Belgium. Mezieres is the capital, but Sedan is the chief town. Area, 2020 sq. m.; pop. 314,923.