Archangel, the chief city of a Russian government, 40 miles above the junction of the Dwina with the White Sea. It is the seat of an archbishop, and the chief commercial city for the north of Russia and Siberia, and is frequented by much shipping - especially British - from June to October, the port being clear of ice only during that period. The harbour is a mile below the town, at the island of Solombaly; and 12 miles below are a government dockyard and merchants' warehouses. The chief articles of traffic are fish, flax, oats, linseed, tar, pitch, rosin, train-oil, skins, furs, timber, wax, iron, tallow, bristles, caviare. The manufactures include cordage, canvas, linen, leather, beer, and sugar. The town, which owes its name to a monastery of St Michael, and which is connected by river and canal with a great part of European Russia, is the oldest seaport in the empire, dating its rise from a visit paid by the English seaman, Chancellor, in 1553. Pop. 19,540. - The government has an area of 331,505 sq. m., and a pop. of 350,000.