At'bara, a tributary of the Nile, rises in Abyssinia near Lake Tzana, flows mainly northwest, and after receiving the larger Takazze, joins the Nile below Berber - being its only tributary below the junction of the White with the Blue Nile. For some months its course is almost dry.


Atchafalay'a, an outlet of the Red River or of the Mississippi, but receiving very little of the waters of the latter except in time of flood. It runs nearly southward to Chetimaches Lake, and after passing through it, reaches the Gulf of Mexico by Atchafalaya Bay after a course of about 220 miles.


Atcheen (also Acheen or Atchin; called by the Dutch Atjeh), until 1873 an independent state in the north-west part of Sumatra, now a province of the Dutch Indies, with an area of 20,501 sq. m., and a pop. of 290,700. The natives in appearance, dress, character, and manners, are distinct from the rest of the inhabitants of Sumatra, being of darker colour and lower stature, and more active and industrious. The capital is Kota Radja or Atcheen, in the northwestern extremity, on a stream navigable by boats, 4 1/2 miles from its port Oleh-leh, with which, since 1876, it has been connected by a railway. Pop. 10,000.


Atchison, a city of Kansas, U.S., on the Missouri's left bank, 333 miles above St Louis. Nine railway lines converge here; and the city has flour-mills, an iron-foundry, machine-shops, manufactures of furniture, carriages, and wagons. Pop. (1870) 7054; (1880) 15,106; (1900) 15,722.


Ateshga (' place of fire'), a spot on the peninsula of Apsheron, on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. Many Guebres or Persian Fire-worshippers still visit it, and bow before the holy flames which issue from the bituminous soil.


Ates'sa, a town of South Italy, 23 miles SSE. of Chieti. Pop. 5086.


Ath, or Aath, a fortified town in the province of Hainault, Belgium, on the navigable Dender, 32 miles SW. of Brussels. Pop. 11,000.


Athboy, a market-town of County Meath, on the river Athboy, 7 miles NW. of Trim. Pop. 613.


Ath'elney, Isle of (' island of nobles'), a marsh at the junction of the rivers Tone and Parret, in the middle of Somersetshire, 7 miles ENE. of Taunton. Here Alfred hid himself from the Danes in 878.


Athenry, in County Galway, 10 miles NW. of Loughrea. Pop. 850.


Atherstone, a market-town of Warwickshire, 14 miles N. of Coventry by rail. Drayton was born close by. Pop. 5300.


Atherton, a township of Lancashire, 13 miles WNW. of Manchester. Pop. (1871) 7581; (1891) 15,833; (1901) 16,211.


Athlone, a town of Ireland, on the Shannon, chiefly in Westmeath, but partly in Roscommon, 80 miles W. of Dublin by rail. The chief manufactures are felt-hats, friezes, linens, and stays. The Shannon is crossed by a fine bowstring and lattice iron bridge of two arches, 175 and 40 feet span. Till 1885 Athlone returned one member. Its castle, founded in King John's reign, in the war of 1688 was unsuccessfully besieged by William III., but was afterwards taken by General Ginckell. The fortifications cover 15 acres, and contain barracks for 1500 men. Pop. 6617.