Atrauli (Atrowli), a town of British India, in the United Provinces, 16 miles NE. of Aligarh. Pop. 18,000.


Atrek, a river of Persia, rising in Khorasan, and flowing nearly 350 miles westward to the Caspian Sea, from Shatt downwards along the boundary with the Russian empire.


At'tica, one of the political divisions or states Of Hellas or ancient Greece, of which Athens was the capital. Its area was about 640 sq. m.; rather smaller than that of Lanarkshire. Today Attica and ;otia together form a nomarchy or government of Greece, with an area of 2472 sq. m., and a pop. of 315,000.


Attleborough, a market-town of Norfolk, 16 miles SW. of Norwich. It had a college of the Holy Cross (1387). Pop. of parish, 2302.


Attleborough, a post-village in Massachusetts, U.S., 31 miles SW. of Boston by rail. Pop. 11,350.


Attock, a town of the Punjab, on the left bank of the Indus, here spanned by a great railway bridge (1883). A fort was established here by the Emperor Akbar in 1581, to defend the passage of the river, but it is no longer a position of strength. The situation, however, of Attock is important, whether in a commercial or in a military view, it being at the head of the steamboat navigation of the Indus, 940 miles from its mouth. Pop. 4000.


Attrek. See Atrek.


Aubagne (O-ban'), a town in the French dep. of Bouches-du-Rhone, on the Huveaune, 10 1/2 miles E. of Marseilles by rail. Pop. 5498.


Aube (Oab), a dep. in the north-east of France, occupying the southern part of the old province of Champagne and a small portion of Burgundy. The western part belongs to the basin of the Seine; the eastern to that of the Aube, which rises near Mount Saule, on the plateau of Lan-gres, and flows 140 miles north-westward by La Ferte, Bar, and Acris, to the Seine. Area, 2310 sq. m. Pop. 246,000.


Aubenas (Oab-na), a town of SE. France, dep. Ardeche, 50 miles NNE. of Alais by rail. It is built on a height rising 688 feet above the river Ardeche, and has a fine old castle. Pop. 5671.


Aubervilliers (O-ber-veel-yay'), in the Seine dep., 5 miles N. of Paris. Pop. 2S,000.


Auburn, or Lissoy, a Westmeath village, 7 miles NE. of Athlone. Goldsmith's father was rector here, and it is his ' deserted village;' the name ' Auburn' was taken from his poem.


Auburn, several places in the United States. (1) In the state of New York, 173 miles W. by N. of Albany. The outlet of Owasco Lake flows through the town, furnishing a water-power which is employed in manufactures of agricultural machinery, wool, cotton, silk, carpets, iron, etc. The state prison, founded here in 1816, with over 1000 inmates, has since 1823 been conducted on the ' silent' or ' Auburn' system. There are also a state asylum and a state armoury. Pop. (1870) 17,225; (1880) 21,924; (1900) 30,345. - (2) A town of Maine, on the west bank of the Androscoggin River, opposite Lewiston, and 35 miles N. of Portland by rail. It has manufactures of cotton, furniture, and boots and shoes. Population, above 13,000.