Aughrim. See Aghrim.


Augustenburg, a village of 600 inhabitants on a bay of the island of Alsen (q.v.). Its castle (1776) was formerly the residence of the Dukes of Holstein-Sonderburg- Augustenburg.


Augusto'vo, a town of Russian Poland, on the Netta, a feeder of the Bug, 138 miles NE. of Warsaw. Pop. 13,094.


Augustus, Fort. See Fort Augustus.


Aulapolai', or Alleppi, a seaport, with a lighthouse, in Travancore state, Madras, 33 miles S. of Cochin. Pop. 25,000.


Auldearn, a Nairnshire village, 2 1/2 miles ESE. of Nairn. Near it Montrose won his fourth victory, 9th May 1645. Pop. 313.


Aumale (O-mal), an unimportant town of 1966 inhabitants, in the French dep. of Seine-Inferieure, on the Breste. Since 1547 it has given the title of duke to various families. - Aumale, a town of Algeria, 57 miles SE. of Algiers, is a strong military post. Pop. 3706.


Auray (O'ray), a port in the French dep. of Morbihan, 20 miles E. of Lorient by rail. Here is a large deaf and dumb institute; and 2 miles north is the famous place of pilgrimage of St Anne of Auray. Pop. 5517.


Aurich (Ow'rihh), in the Prussian province of Hanover, almost in the centre of East Friesland, 16 miles NE. of Emden by rail. Pop. 6399.


Aurillac (O-reel-yac), capital of the French dep. of Cantal, on the Jourdanne, 116 miles SW. of Clermont. Pop. 14,756.


Aurora (1), a city of Illinois, U.S., on Fox River, at the junction of several railroads, 39 miles WSW. of Chicago. It has machine-shops, flour-mills, manufactories of woollens, cottons, watches, corsets, silver ware, carriages, and extensive railroad workshops. Pop. (1860)6011; (1880) 11,873; (1900) 24,147. - (2) A city of Missouri, 270 miles SW. of St Louis, in a mining region. Pop. 6500.


Aurungabad, the name of at least four places in India, the most important being in the state of Hyderabad, on the Doodna, a tributary of the Godavery. It has a ruined palace of Aurungzebe, and the mausoleum of his daughter. Pop. 36,850.


Auskerry, an Orkney island, 2 1/2 miles S. of Stronsay. Pop. 7.


Aussee, a town in the Salzkammergut of Styria, at the confluence of three mountain-streams, which form the Traun, 23 miles SE. of Ischl by rail. Situated 2171 feet above the level of the sea, it has mineral springs and baths and pretty villas, and is visited by some 6000 strangers annually. Pop. 1569.


Aussig, a town of Bohemia, on the Elbe, here joined by the Biela, 66 miles NNW. of Prague. It has large chemical works. Pop. 37,270.


Austerlitz (Czech Slavkov), a town of Moravia, on the Littawa, 12 miles ESE. of Brunn. Pop. 3500. Here, on 2d December 1805, Napoleon defeated the Russians and Austrians.


Austin, the capital of Texas, U.S., on the Colorado River, 166 miles W. by N. of Houston. It has a State Capitol (1887) and a State University. Austin was named after the founder of the state of Texas. Pop. 22,500.

Australa'sia is a term etymologically equal to Southern Asia, but used to indicate Australia and the adjoining islands - Tasmania, New Zealand, Papua or New Guinea. New Caledonia, the New Hebrides, New Ireland, and New Britain. The term Would thus exclude the Malay Archipelago, Micronesia, and Polynesia proper; but some authors include these great groups of islands also, making the name therefore equivalent to Oceania. Popularly, on the other hand, it means the ' Australian Colonies' of Great Britain, including Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji, etc.