Bagnacavallo (Ban-ya-ca-val'lo), a cathedral city of Italy, 11 miles W. of Ravenna. Pop. 3843.


Bagnara (Ban-yh'ra), an Italian coast-town, 16 miles NE. of Reggio. Pop. 9749.


Bagneres (Ban-yehr'), two watering-places both in the Pyrenees, France. - (1) Bagneres de Bigorre, on the Adour, in the dep. of Hautes Pyrenees, 1820 feet above sea-level, 13 miles SE. of Tarbes by rail. Known to the Romans as Vicus Aquensis Balneariœ or Aquos Bigerrorum, it now is visited by 20,000 strangers yearly, and has fourteen baths and over fifty springs (90° to 135° F.), recommended for catarrhal and nervous diseases. Pop. 6986. - (2) Bagneres de Luchon, in the dep. of Haute Garonne, 43 miles by road SE. of Bagneres de Bigorre, and 22 by rail S. of Montrejeau Junction. Its cold, tepid, and hot sulphurous waters (up to 130° F.) are recommended in rheumatism, gout, cutaneous diseases, and paralysis, and attract 10,000 visitors annually. Pop. 3585.

Bagnl di Lucca

Bagnl di Lucca (Ban'yee dee Look'ka), a bathing-place of Italy, 17 miles N. of Lucca, and has hot springs of from 96° to 136° F. Pop. 900.

Bagno a Ripoli

Bagno a Ripoli (Ban'yo ah Rip'olee), an Italian village, 5 miles from Florence, containing baths.

Bagno in Romagna

Bagno in Romagna (Ban'yo in Roman'ya), an Italian bathing-place, on the Savio, 35 miles E. by N. of Florence. It has hot springs of temperature 108°-110° F. Pop. 1875.

Bagshot Heath

Bagshot Heath, near Windlesham in Berkshire and Surrey, is a tract of nearly 50 sq. m., 463 feet above sea-level.


Bahar. See Behar.


Bahawalpur, capital of an Indian native state in political connection with the Punjab, lies near the left bank of the Sutlej, which here is crossed by the fine ' Empress' railway bridge. It has manufactures of scarfs, turbans, silks, and chintzes. Pop. 13,635. Area of the state, 17,285 sq. m.; pop. 750,042.


Bahia (Ba-ee'a), capital of a Brazilian province, next to Rio de Janeiro the largest city of the republic, on a range of hills along the sea-shore. The bay, which is one of the finest in America, is defended by forts, with the island of Itaparica sheltering the entrance. Bahia has a university, and is the seat of an archbishop, who is primate of Brazil. The chief exports are sugar, cotton, coffee, tobacco, rice, etc. Bahia is the oldest city in Brazil, and till 1763 was the capital The bay was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1503, and the city was founded by a Portuguese navigator named Correa in 1510. Pop. 180,000. - The province has an area of 164,502 sq. m., and a pop. of 1,950,000.

Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca, a growing port of the Argentine Republic, in the province of Buenos Ayres. It is situated on the Naposta River, three miles from its entrance into the bay of Bahia Blanca, and has a good harbour. Pop. about 10,000.

Bahia Honda

Bahia Honda, a harbour on the north coast of Cuba, 60 miles WSW. of Havana, protected by a fort. Pop. 1500.