Barbu'da, a fertile, densely wooded coral island, one of the Lesser Antilles, 30 miles N. of Antigua, of which it is a dependency. It is 10 miles long, 8 broad, and 75 sq. m. in area. Pop. 650.


Barby, a town of Prussian Saxony, on the Elbe, 15 miles SE. of Magdeburg. Pop. 5222.


Barca, a country extending along the northern coast of Africa, between the Great Syrtis (now Gulf of Sidra) and Egypt. The climate is healthy and agreeable in the more elevated parts, which reach a height of almost 2000 feet, and in those exposed to the sea-breeze. There are none but small streams, but the narrow terrace-like tracts of country are extremely fertile, realising all that is said of the ancient Cyrenaica. But the good soil extends over only about a fourth of Barca: the east exhibits only naked rocks and loose sand. Many ruins in the north-west attest its high state of cultivation in ancient times, when its five prosperous cities bore the title of the Libyan Pentapolis. Subject successively to Egypt, Rome, and the Byzantine empire, it was conquered by the Arabs in 641, and now forms a dep. of Tripoli. Area, 60,700 sq. m.; pop. 500,000. The capital is Benghazi (q.v.).

Barcellona and Pozzo di Gotto

Barcellona and Pozzo di Gotto, two towns of Sicily, 22 miles WSW. of Messina, standing close together, so as really to form one town. Barcellona has sulphur-baths. Pop. 13,948.


Bard, a village in the Italian province of Turin, 23 miles SE. of Aosta. When the French crossed the St Bernard in 1800, Bard fortress, manned by 400 Austrians, maintained an eight days' resistance to their further advance. Pop. 450.


Bardsey, 9 miles NNE. of Leeds, was the birthplace of the dramatist Congreve.

Bardsey Isle

Bardsey Isle, an island, 2 miles long, in Cardigan Bay, with a ruined monastery.


Bardwan', or Burdwan (correctly Vardham-ana), a city of Bengal, 67 miles NNW. of Calcutta by rail. In point of architecture, it is a miserable place - an aggregate, as it were, of 73 villages. It contains a palace of the Maharajahs, and a large collection of temples. Pop. 35,080.


Bareges (Ba-rezh'), a small watering-place, with mineral baths, in the French dep. of Hautes-Pyrenees, 4040 feet above sea-level, and 12 miles SE. of Pierrefitte railway station.


Bareilly, or Bareli, the chief city of a district in Rohilkhand, North-west Provinces of India, on the Ramganga, 152 miles E. of Delhi. Cotton, grain, and sugar are the staples of commerce; furniture and upholstery the manufactures. Bareilly is the seat of a college attended by over 300 students. Population, 132,000. - Rai Bareilly is a town in Oudh, near Lucknow.


Barfleur (Bar-flor'), a seaport in the French dep. of La Manche, 15 miles E. of Cherbourg. Hence, in 1066, William the Conqueror set out on his invasion of England. On the ill-famed Pointe de Barfleur stands the highest lighthouse in France, 271 feet above the sea. Pop. 1185.