Barfrush. See Balfrush.

Barga Pass

Barga Pass, a Himalaya hill-pass (15,000 feet) in the north of Bashahr State, Punjab.


Barge, a town of Piedmont, 30 miles SW. of Turin. Pop. 2074.


Barholm, a ruined tower (Scott's' Ellangowan') on the coast of Kirkcudbrightshire, 5 3/4 miles SE. of Creetown.


Bari (Bah'ree), capital of an Italian province, on a peninsula in the Adriatic, 277 miles SE. of Ancona, with a brisk export trade, an old Norman castle, the church of San Nicola (1087), and the older archiepiscopal cathedral. Pop. 60,000.


Baringo, an African lake lying NE. of the Victoria Nyanza, and 1/2 degree N. of the equator. It is 20 miles long, lies 3000 feet above the sea, and has no outlet, though its water is fresh.


Barisal, headquarters of Bakarganj (q.v.), in a region of the Brahmaputra delta, disturbed by mysterious noises of disputed origin known as 'Barisal guns.' Pop. 16,000.


Barking, a market-town of Essex, on the Roding, 7 miles NE. of London, with market-gardens and jute-factories. Its Benedictine abbey (founded 670), one of the richest convents in the kingdom, has left hardly a trace. Near Barking Creek is one of the great outfalls into the Thames of the (partially purified) London sewage. Pop. (1851) 5076; (1891) 14,301; (1901) 21,547.


Barkly, two towns in Cape Colony: Barkly East, in the NE., 35 miles E. of Aliwal North, pop. 2500; Barkly West, a diamond-digging centre in 1870-90, on the Vaal, 40 miles NE. of Kimberley, pop. 2000.


Bar-le-Duc, capital of the French dep. of Meuse, 158 miles E. of Paris. It manufactures cottons, and has the ruined castle of the Dukes of Bar. Pop. 15,634.


Barletta, a seaport of Italy, on the Adriatic, 34 miles NW. of Bari by rail. Pop. 41,994.


Barmen, a busy town in the district of Dussel-dorf, Rhenish Prussia, extending in the beautiful valley of the Wupper for about 4 miles from close to Elberfeld almost to Langenfeld. It is the principal seat of the ribbon-manufacture on the Continent, and produces also cloth, stay-laces, thread, soap, candles, metal wares, buttons, machinery, and pianofortes. There are, besides, in the valley, numerous bleach-fields and Turkey-red dye-works. Barmen is a great missionary centre, and possesses the mission-house and seminary of foreign missions belonging to the Rhenish Missionary Society. Pop. (1871) 74,947;

(1890) 116,144; (1900) 141,950.


Barmouth, a watering-place of Merionethshire, Wales, at the mouth of the Maw, 10 miles W. of Dolgelly. Opposite, across the river, is Cader Idris, 2914 feet high. Pop. 2219.

Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle, a market-town in the county of Durham, on the Tees, 15 miles W. of Darlington. On a rocky height are the ruins of a castle built in 1112-32 by Barnard Baliol. Near it is an art museum (1874). Pop. (1851) 4357;

(1891) 4341; (1901) 4421.


Barnaul, a town of Western Siberia, on the Obi, 290 miles SSW. of Tomsk. It is a great mining and smelting centre. Pop. 33,529.