Barrackpur, a town of Bengal, on the E. bank of the Hooghly, 15 miles up the stream from Calcutta. It is a favourite retreat for Europeans from Calcutta; and to the south is the suburban residence of the Viceroy. Pop., with Nawab-ganj, about 20,000.


Barrafranca, a town of Sicily, near Caltani-setta; pop. 9052.

Barra Head

Barra Head. See Bernera.

Barra Mansa

Barra Mansa, a town of Brazil, on the Para-hiba, 70 miles NW. of Rio de Janeiro; pop. 5000.

Barranquilla(Bar-ran-keel'ya), the chief port of Colombia, in Bolivar state, near the Magdalena's left bank, 15 miles from the sea. Pop. 45,000.

Barren Island

Barren Island, a small active volcano in the Bay of Bengal, lying east of the Andamans, about 94° E. long.


Barrhead', a town of Renfrewshire, 8 miles SW. of Glasgow by rail. Founded about 1773, it has cotton-mills, and bleaching, dyeing, and print works. The poet John Davidson was born here. Pop. (1841) 3492; (1891) 8215; (1901) 9855.

Barrier Reef

Barrier Reef, an immense coral-reef extending along the NE. coast of Australia for over 1000 miles, at a distance from the shore of from 10 to upwards of 100 miles. In many places it rises out of great depths. There are several breaks or passages in it, only one, Raines Inlet, being safe for ships, with a lighthouse. See Saville-Kent, The Great Barrier Reef (1893).


Barro'sa, a Spanish village 16 miles SSE. of Cadiz. Here, on March 5, 1811, General Graham (Lord Lynedoch), with a handful of British, gained a glorious victory over the French.

Barrow Falls

Barrow Falls, 2 miles S. of Keswick, a double cascade, 122 feet high.


Barrow-on-Soar, a village of Leicestershire, 3 miles SB. of Loughborough.


Barry, a seaport, with docks and a tidal basin, in Glamorgan, 7 miles SW. of Cardiff; it exports coal, iron, and iron manufactures. Pop. 27,000.

Barry Links

Barry Links, in Forfarshire, 9 miles ENE. of Dundee, a government camp of instruction.


Bar-Sur-Aube (Bar-sur-Oab), a town in the French dep. of Aube, 137 miles ESE. of Paris. Pop. 4306.


Bar-sur-Seine (Bar-sur-Sayn), a town in the French dep. Aube, 21 m. SE. of Troyes. Pop. 2773.


Bartfa, or Bartfeld, a town of Hungary, on the river Topla, near the borders of Galicia, with hot baths. Pop. 5884.


Barth (Bart), a seaport of Prussia, at the mouth of the Barth, 21 miles W. of Stralsund. Pop. 7714.


Barton-upon-Humber, an ancient town of Lincolnshire, 8 miles SW. of Hull. Pop. 5671.


Barton-upon-Irwell, a village and township of Lancashire, 5 1/2 miles W. of Manchester. Here was built in 1770 Brindley's famous aqueduct, carrying the Bridgewater Canal across the Irwell, superseded in 1890-93 by a swing bridge of novel and ingenious construction, crossing the Manchester Ship Canal. Pop. of rural district (1901) 8065.


Bas. See Batz.


Bashahr, one of the Punjab Hill-states, on the lower slopes of the Himalayas, traversed by the Sutlej. Area, 3320 sq. m.; pop. 74,345.